This photo was posted onto the Weatherzone forums by Vikki Glasson on 01/12/2013, with the message "I found a photo of my husbands family during a large snowfall in Jamestown in the mid-north in 1908".  It's titled "Snow Scene Jamestown 1908". The names on the photo are J. Glasson, W. Glasson, H. Glasson, N. Penna (on snowball), A Gage. She told me the original framed copy along with several others can be found in the Jamestown Railway Museum.

In a Chronicle newspaper article I've quoted above, it says: "JAMESTOWN, June 22. — The residents of this town on Monday morning had a lovely view on rising from their slumber, for during the early hours a record fall of snow had taken place. In the town the fall was about 3 in. deep, while at Canowie, Mount Lock, and Bundaleer the fall was reckoned to be fully a foot deep. Snowballing was indulged, in. At the district council office there were six large balls heaped upon one another, standing fully 6 ft. high. ... "  Source: Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Saturday 27 June 1908 Page 42

The snowballs in this photo are so similar to those in the Chronicle description I'd be surprised if they aren't one and the same set of snowballs :-)

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